Your Excuses Excuse You..

Everybody Can’t Go….

Have you ever made a decision that you were going to a certain place or going to obtain a certain thing? Have you every decided that no matter what the circumstances were, you were going to do it? Well, making the decision is just the beginning. Your decision has given you some direction and now it’s time to put in the work. The work is what will separate those who say they want it from those who will have it. Anybody can go, but everybody won’t go. Many people simply like to talk about their goals and dream, but not everybody is willing to go for it. Some find pleasure in just talking about what they want and never take any actual steps towards their dreams. Some don’t take steps towards their goals for various reasons. I’m convinced people are having the wrong conversations with themselves. How much does it cost? How long will it take? How much work will I have to do?  IT DOES NOT MATTER….Make a decision about what you want and go get it. Don’t count the cost count the loss.  The loss is everything you didn’t get because you decided to focus on the work instead of the rewards. Your dreams and goals are going to cost you. When you’re putting in work for you goals and dream, you are making an investment in your future. So when you are not putting in the work, let’s call that divesting in your future. Wow.  That means you lose. Who is losing with you? Your spouse, kids, parents, friends, I don’t know. Only you know the answer to that one. Some of you have the best excuses in the world for not becoming who you ought to be. You blaming people for this, making excuses for that… Guess what, your excuses excuse you.  Your excuses may release you from you obligations but they also forfeit you future. “I couldn’t make it to the gym, because it was raining too hard. You’re excused, stay 20 pounds overweight then. I can’t go to night school because I’m too tired when I get off work. You’re excused, stay in that entry level position, you don’t need that promotion.  I want to buy my 1st home but it’s so hard to save money and fix my credit, your”re excused, you can stay in your parents basement.” It time to stop making excuses and level up. Everybody can’t go where you going. Stop looking for reasons  to stay the same and start finding ways to win. Let’s get to work.

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