It’s Not About You

art blur burnt candle

Have you ever ran into a person and it seems like the only thing they have for you is negative energy? They might stare at you funny, make unnecessary comments or just      flat out hate on you. Do yourself a favor, stop worrying about what someone’s problem with you is. A person’s problem with you is none of your business. The primary reason you don’t have to worry about it is because it  not about you. So many times a persons problem with you is a a problem they have with themselves. I’m convinced that if you look close enough you’ll find that it’s not you they have a problem with, it’s simply what you represent. Some people can’t help but to see your wins as their losses. They believe that your strengths will somehow expose their weakness. So instead of holding you up, they do the only thing they know how to do. They attempt to tear you down into bite size little pieces because that’s the only way they can take you. They look for your flaws instead of your strengths. Your light is shining so bright and instead of getting their candle lit, they would rather blow your candle out.  Unfortunately this is the way some people choose the operate. You have to protect yourself from this and don’t ever let some take away your light. It’s necessary that you keep shining. Whether you know it or not, someone is always watching you and you may be the light that someone needs to get their own candle burning. You may be the light that a weary person needed to keep their candle burning. More important than all of that is the fact that you owe it to yourself.  Their is no other human being like you. You are unique, gifted and talented. You are a one of one! Each of us is born with special gifts and talents. It’s necessary that you continue to grow up and show up. Do not dim your light so that others can be comfortable. Never let someone blow out your candle. Continue to be the best version of yourself.  Let’s get to work.

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