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It’s time that you begin to attack life. If you aren’t where you want to be it’s because your’re not who you need to be.  Everything you want is out their waiting on you.  There is nothing that can stop you from becoming the person you ought to be.  There will be obstacles and challenges, but those only exist to test how bad you really want it. Attacking life is about making a decision and not stopping until you get it done.  I’ve heard the question asked many time to successful people. To what do you attribute your success?  So many times the answer is simply, I made a decision.  A made up mind is a powerful weapon.  Your decisions will lay the foundations from which all other elements will blossom.  Your decisions give you direction and that direction will lead you to a destination.  That’s the power of having a made up mind. So it time that you stop pushing to the side, putting off and procrastinating. It’s time that you make the decision and begin to attack life.  Your life is not a rehearsal. You’ve only got one shot, so make it count.  It’s time to decide who you want to become, where you want to be and what you want to have. Let’s get to work! Attack Life.

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