Attitude Is Key

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Its important that we work on our attitude.  Your attitude is a reflection of your state of mind. As we learn to manage and become more aware of our state of mind, we can begin to manage our attitude. Wherever we are mentally, it will be from that point of view that our attitude will be projected out to the world. We want to be careful and deliberate about what we project out because what we send out comes back to us. So if we want good things to come our way, we have to initiate the process by sending good things out. We have to take control of our attitude and the first step to taking control is becoming aware. Awareness is key. Awareness puts you in position to make a decision. You get to decide how you want to respond to any situation.  This is an absolute super power. If you are able to stay calm in a stressful situation you are ahead of the game. Many people go through life reacting to situations instead of responding.  Consequently those reactions come with a price. So ask yourself, what is my attitude costing me?  Is it costing you a job or a promotion? Is your attitude costing you a relationship with your friends, family, kids or spouse? What is your attitude costing you? Is it in the way of you becoming your best self?  Now ask yourself, is it worth it? I’m not suggesting this will be easy, but I am suggesting that its possible.  Your attitude may not determine what you deal with, but it will determine how you deal with it.  It’s time to make a decision about your attitude! Let’s get to work.

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