Do you accept Insurance? Yes. I currently accept BlueCross BlueShield.

How will therapy take place? Therapy will take place online using a secured video platform. Once payment is made, you will receive a video-link to click on and begin the session.
How long is a session? Session are 1 hour.
What is the cost of a session? The cost of a session is a flat fee of $125
What does it mean to have a A Habit Of Excellence? It is my opinion that Excellence is a mindset. Excellence is an approach to life which says, whatever I can be I will be. Excellence is about constantly giving it all you got and standing as tall as you can in every moment. Excellence is about raising your vibration and discovering the highest version of yourself. Excellence is about making it right, even if initially you weren’t able to get it right. Excellence is about constant growth, continuous development and commitment to habits which will nourish your excellence.

What is your background? Professionally, I’ve been in counseling since 2009. Personally I’ve always been a person who wants to help other. My counseling approach can be described as :Solution Focused : Positive Psychology :Strengths Based : Person Centered

What is your major goal as a therapist? My goal as a therapist is to help clients create transformation in their lives. I want clients to leave me having discovered and tapped into the best version of themselves.