BEEDB654-B0D0-4FC6-B38A-0923846DB3F5It has been stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.  So with this in mind, how are we using the energy we possess? How can we best use the energy we possess?  I am convinced that you must first recognize the value of your energy. Once you become aware of its value, you can then begin to protect it and establish healthier ways to manage disperse and defend your energy . It’s  human nature to protect what we find valuable.  So, stop selling yourself short and giving people discounts.  You have value. Your time is valuable. Your conversation is valuable. Your opinion is valuable. Your attention is valuable.  I think the problem for some of us is that we’ ve let other people determine our value. When you let other people determine your value, you end up taking whatever they give you instead of getting what you really deserve. After you’ve spent so much time settling for less you can start to believe that what you’ve been getting is what you deserve. It’s time to raise the bar on yourself. What are your expectations of yourself? It’stime that you demand more from yourself and people around you. Some conversation should be too low for you to even engage in.  Some conversations should be so high that you can’t help but to participate in.  You have to have awareness around what is going on around you, so that you can govern yourself according. Everything around you is fighting for your attention and you have to decide where you want to spend it. Some interactions cost you too much. Have you ever had a conversation with a person or listened to something that you regret afterwards? Me to.  Stop giving your energy to people who don‘t deserve it.  You have to guard your energy and place a high cost on it. Ask yourself is what’s being presented to me even worth my time? Do I even value what this person is bringing?  So we have to be selective about who we allow into our space and who we share our energy with.  Surround yourself with people, place and things which inspire, motivate, educate and uplift you. If you find yourself in one of those unfortunate situation where the negativity is all around you, this is a perfect time to CONSERVE you energy. Remember, energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. So when the vibe around you is negative —be still and refuse to conform to what’s going on around and instead be transformed by the new found value you’ve placed on yourself.  Determine your worth and decide what you are going to accept or not accept. Protect your  energy, your”re worth it.


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