Stay In Your Excellence

So many things have changed in the world today with accessibility to the internet. While I personally enjoy the internet and many of the benefits it provides, we’ve got to be careful. Many people are using social media as a measurement for their own lives. Some of us are looking at what people post on-line and beginning to feel insufficient, insignificant, or not enough. We look at other’s people post and start to feel some type of way about ourselves. If this is you; I’ve got a message for you.  Stay In Your Excellence!  

To stay in your excellence, you’ve got to first recognize that you’ve got it. Your excellence is internal and if you continue to look for it outside of yourself, your will never find it. You can be inspired by others, but what’s for you is for you. If you look at anything outside of yourself and feel any type of envy, jealously or lack, consider that confirmation that you’ve got work to do. Acknowledge those feelings, but don’t embrace them. In fact, I need you to reject any idea that feeds the notion that you have to be jealous, envious or less than.The work you must do is to figure out what your excellence looks like. Your excellence is not a destination, it’s a personal journey. If you’re a high school student and your friends got accepted to a college that you didn’t; Congratulate them. Focus on your journey. If people around you are buying cars, homes and taking trips; good for them. Focus on your journey. If people around, you are dating and getting married while you remain single; Fantastic. Focus on your journey. A minute spend watching & wanting what someone else is doing is a minute you could have been focused on your own excellence. Also, let’s be honest, social media is a greatest hits collection. Many people are only posting the highlights. They aren’t necessarily posting those dark days and difficult nights. Everything that shines ain’t a diamond. So, while things may look good, you never know what’s really happening underneath the surface. So regardless of what other people have going on, I want you to turn that energy inside out. The same energy you use to focus on others, I need you to turn it around and put that energy on you. Focus on your own Excellence. 

Anything you desire to be you already are. You have to give yourself time to learn and grow. Everything won’t happen for you overnight. Focus on what’s meant for you and put all your energy on your journey. The only comparison you should be doing is comparing who you were yesterday to who you are today.

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