Never Settle For Less Than You Can Be.

It’s All About Transcending….
Transcend means to go beyond the range or limits of something. What limiting thoughts are keeping you from transcending in different areas of your life? Changing your life will be a difficult task. If it were easy everybody would do it. Sometimes people hear the word change and they feel stuck. They believe change means they have to leave everything behind. I think the important thing to understand is that change is about the future; not about the past. The past is behind you and if you continue to live in it you will forfeit your future. Don’t allow your past mistakes to determine your future results. You have to take 100% responsibility for the person you are becoming. It’s very important that you understand something so you don’t get discouraged along the way. Your next move won’t eliminate your past move, but it will establish a new platform for you to begin where you are with what you have. What you have is enough and who you are is enough. While you’re working on transcending and become your best-self, people are going to remind you of who you were. Who people think you are is your reputation; who you know you are is your character. Focus more on your character than your reputation and let people judge who they think you are. Whenever you show up, all of your past experiences show up as well. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in someone’s opinion of you. You have to push through and create new experiences and a new way of being. Everything you are going to be you already are. You were always great and you were always worth it.


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